By the time your child graduates from Saint Joachim Catholic School, we would expect them to have developed the following schoolwide learning expectations:

Active Faith-filled Catholic who
a. prays and builds a personal relationship with God
b. demonstrates understanding of the Catholic faith
c. practices the teachings of Catholic social justice

Lifelong Learner who
a. takes initiative, exhibits self-control, and perseveres
b. utilizes problem solving and critical thinking skills
c. demonstrates responsible and ethical use of technology
d. appreciates the arts

Effective Communicator who
a. speaks and writes clearly
b. demonstrates active listening and participation skills
c. collaborates and cooperates with others

Responsible Global Citizen who
a. respects all of God’s creation
b. takes responsibility for one’s actions and resolves conflicts peacefully
c. develops global awareness of issues and respect for diversity
d. shares their God-given talents

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